Handsontable for Vue is now 3.1.0

Peter Plesa Release Notes / December 3, 2018

Handsontable for Vue is now 3.1.0

Today we’ve released v3.1.0 of our Vue wrapper for Handsontable. In this version we focused on cleaning up inconveniences such as outdated links and examples in the documentation, as well as an NPM peer dependency warning.


  • Added a version property to the HotTable component. (#82)
  • Changed the handsontable peer dependency from ^version to >=version. (#89)
  • Updated jest to fix the security warning for the merge package. (#93)
  • Cleaned up the inconsistencies in the readmes/docs. (#90)
  • Fixed the documentation links in README.md. (#87)
  • Added the LICENSE files to the build packages. (#84)

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