Handsontable for Angular is now 3.0.0

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / December 20, 2018

Handsontable for Angular is now 3.0.0

We’re happy to introduce a new Handsontable for Angular version. Here’s a list of changes that we’ve made, hope you find them useful.

Breaking change

  • We have updated dependencies, devDependencies and peerDependencies to their latest version (#134)

New features and improvements

  • We used the component’s template to manage Handsontable’s container (#85)
  • HotSettingsResolver allows the use of custom options in settings object (#124)

Bug fixes

  • All of the available hooks and options are up to date, without misspellings (#109)
  • We have moved updateSettings outside Angular’s ngZone (#116)

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