Handsontable 6.2.1 released

Peter Plesa Release Notes / December 12, 2018

Handsontable 6.2.1 released

Today we’ve released Handsontable 6.2.1. In this version, we’ve updated to Babel 7, fixed a variety of bugs and other issues, and made some updates to the TypeScript definition file. Check out the list below for all of the details.


  • Updated babel to 7.x. (#5398)
  • Fixed a bug where calling updateSettings or loadData with a new, larger dataset caused an error to be thrown. (#5617)
  • Fixed a bug where the mobile keyboard opened on every cell selection on Android devices. (#5586)
  • Fixed a bug where date validation did not work properly in some cases. (#5563)
  • Fixed a problem with poor updateSettings performance when removing rows. (#5561)
  • Fixed a problem with improper carriage return symbol usage in pasted data. (#5477)
  • Added some missing methods, options, and hooks to the TypeScript definition file. (#5639, #5590)
  • Corrected the CSS property assignments to zero, from 0 to '0'. (#5291)
  • Fixed a bug where the autofill feature did not work properly with the mergeCells plugin while working on an object-based dataset. (#5022)
  • Fixed a problem with the observeChanges plugin causing a memory leak. (#4400)
  • Fixed a problem with scientific notation not being supported in the numeric editor. (#2030)
  • Fixed a bug where setting enterBeginsEditing to false did not disallow changing the state of checkbox-type cells using the ENTER key. (#4162)

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