Handsontable 6.2.0 out now!

Peter Plesa Release Notes / November 13, 2018

Handsontable 6.2.0 out now!

We’re happy to announce that Handsontable 6.2.0 is now live. We’ve updated the TypeScript definition file and have made some improvements to the efficiency of our recently added multiColumnSorting plugin. Also, thanks to @kuil09 and @NullIsNot0 for their work on Korean and Latvian translations, respectively, we’ve been able to add these two languages to our set.


  • Added language support for Korean. (#5356)
  • Added language support for Latvian. (#5186)
  • Updated the TypeScript definition file for ColumnSorting and MultiColumnSorting. (#5445, #5545)
  • Updated the TypeScript definition for beforeRowMove and beforeColumnMove. (#5416)
  • Updated the TypeScript definition for some selection and context menu related methods and hooks. (#5307)
  • Fixed a bug where the CopyPaste plugin worked incorrectly when copying 0. (#5544)
  • Fixed a problem with improper autoRowSize calculations. (#5527)
  • Fixed a problem with the keyboard opening on every selection on mobile. (#5479)
  • Refactored the columnSorting plugin to be reusable with the multiColumnSorting plugin. (#5457)
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new row cleared the data from the first row. (#5446)
  • Fixed a bug where using the allowInvalid: false option on date-type cells broke the table. (#5419)
  • Fixed a bug where column header width was being calculated incorrectly. (#5359)
  • Fixed a problem with building Handsontable 3.0.0+ using hot-builder. (#5287)
  • Fixed a bug where opening the context menu on the column header sorted the column. (#176, #4676)
  • Updated Jest to resolve a security issue with the merge package. (#179, #5564)
  • Fixed some unstable tests that caused the CI to fail frequently. (#5562)
  • Fixed the ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID error when running e2e tests. (#5558)
  • Refactored the multiColumnSorting plugin to use the columnSorting plugin. (#148)

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