Handsontable Pro 1.14.0 (CE 0.34.2) released

Chris Spilka Release Notes / September 12, 2017

Handsontable Pro 1.14.0 (CE 0.34.2) released

Today we released a new version of Handsontable Pro (1.14.0) and Community Edition (0.34.2). Among others things, we fixed a bug causing a misalignment of an indicator when moving fixed size columns.

Breaking changes:

  • It is required to pass a valid license key in the settings object under the licenseKey property. If a valid key is not provided, Handsontable Pro will display a small notification right below the table. Please review your implementation to make sure your setup is correct. Learn more


  • Fixed a problem with incorrect usage of the test method in the hasClass polyfill (#4508).
  • Fixed a bug, where zoomed-out Chrome made the table impossible to scroll (#4502).
  • Fixed a problem with misaligned indicator in the Manual Column Move plugin (#4496).
  • Fixed an issue with Handsontable’s default export property (#4495).

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