Exciting News for Handsontable Pro Users!

Chris Spilka News / September 12, 2017

Exciting News for Handsontable Pro Users!

We’re excited to introduce several changes to our website, documentation and user accounts. At the same time, we’ll be moving Handsontable Pro from our internal GitLab to a publicly available repository on GitHub. This is something we have planned to do for a long time, and we hope that it will simplify the process of downloading and installing Handsontable Pro.

To ensure a smooth transition for our users, we are going to maintain the repository on GitLab until the end of 2017.

License Keys

Starting with Handsontable Pro version 1.14.0, you will now need to pass a valid license key via the configuration object. You will receive the license key for your copy of the software immediately after purchase at my.handsontable.com.

To install the license key, you will need to pass it properly in the settings object, as shown in the following example:

hot = new Handsontable(example,{
    data: data,
    rowHeaders: true,
    colHeaders: true,
    licenseKey: '00000-00000-00000-00000-00000' // wrap it in quotes


As we grow Handsontable, adding new features and expanding to new platforms, we also need to grow our team to help secure future growth and stability.

  • Developer License pricing is now 590 USD / developer,
  • Developer Plus License pricing is now 1290 USD / developer.

Developer Plus is the new name for a license with extended support and a maintenance plan.

Trial Plans

We have also decided to shutter the existing 30-day trial plan. From now on, Handsontable Pro will be available for an unlimited evaluation period on its new GitHub repository. No sign-up for a trial is required.


Support is still provided for all Pro users through support@handsontable.com and via the developers’ forum.

Other Exciting News

The changes mentioned above aren’t all that we have been busy with, and the full list of recently introduced updates to our website and products includes:

  • Major, minor, and patch releases will be available for every type of Pro license,
  • A refreshed layout of the handsontable.com website, documentation and user dashboards,
  • A brand new Handsontable logo,
  • Beta 1: Handsontable for Angular (2+),

If you have any questions regarding the latest changes, please contact our support team.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.