Handsontable Pro 1.12.0 (CE 0.33.0) released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / July 11, 2017

Handsontable Pro 1.12.0 (CE 0.33.0) released

Today we are happy to announce that Handsontable Pro 1.12.0 (Community Edition 0.33.0) is finally released. In this version we have completely removed ZeroClipboard from our dependencies and replaced it with our custom solution based on ClipboardEvent. From now on Handsontable is Flash-free!

Breaking changes:

  • We’ve refactored the Copy/Paste plugin and removed the ZeroClipboard dependency. Please make sure it works as expected in your setup before updating to this version.
  • Some of the Filters plugin’s API methods has changed. Please check #4358 for detailed information.

Other changes:

  • Fixed a bug where Filters were broken when doing a custom build.
  • Added a workaround for npm incorrectly generating the package-lock.json file.
  • Removed ZeroClipboard from dependencies.
  • Extended the Filters API for with extra operations between conditions. (#4191#4032#3895#3876#3170#3025#2298#2259).
  • Updated the Handsontable dependencies. (#4280).
  • Fixed a problem with a missing method import (#4367).
  • Added a new config option for the Comments plugin (displayDelay), allowing to customize the delay for showing the comment box. (#4323).
  • Fixed a problem, where using the Autofill option upwards with a group of cells gave unexpected results. (#4298).
  • Fixed an issue with different gap sizes in the dropdown menu for Firefox and Chrome. (#2832).
  • Added a helper for template literals. (#4354).
  • Updated our ESlint rules list. (#4366).

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We appreciate all Github issues and emails which helped us fix issues in the current release. Leave a comment or contact us to help us make Handsontable even better.