Best Resources to Learn JavaScript

Mariola Czupowska Resources / March 15, 2017

Best Resources to Learn JavaScript

Let’s say you want to start working with Handsontable but you don’t know JavaScript. You will soon face the obvious question – where do I begin? There is an incredible number of online materials and websites that are said to teach you coding. However, it might be quite easy to find yourself in a bind. That is why I have created a list that will guide you through the labyrinth of the best starting points about JavaScript.

The article is divided into two parts. In the first part you will find professional courses, and in the econd one there are community resources.

Professional courses

There are websites that are widely recognizable when it comes to the courses they offer. They are usually education companies. So if you want to get a good start in JavaScript it is worth getting familiar with the following list:

1. Codecademy – this is probably number one starting point if you are new to coding. JavaScript track is exceptionally well created. You can delve into AngularJS or React. The founders say that you will learn to code interactively, for free.

2. Sololearn – very similar to the above-mentioned Codecademy. They have a mobile version so you can learn on the go. There is a possibility to get Sololearn on Google play, you can also download it from App Store or Windows Phone Store.

3. Udacity – aimed at professionals who want to learn new skills and level up their careers. Nothing of a university-style classes but they collaborate with educational institutions.

4. Codeschool – their motto says learn by doing. The company offers interactive coding courses, which are created in a form of paths. You start out from total basics and end up with JavaScript best practices.

5. Treehouse – dedicated to learning web design and coding. You study by watching videos and doing quizzes testing your knowledge. Throughout your way as a student at Treehouse you will be earning badges, which are somewhat an additional motivator.

6. Egghead – the site offers various resources: articles, courses etc. By creating free account you will get access to some part of the material. Pro content offers you more. The company focuses on intermediate or even advanced topics.

7. Lynda – plenty of courses about JavaScript, starting from essentials and ending up with advanced topics. The platform has been on the market for 20 years, and it’s considered to be one of the leading online learning platforms.

Community resources

Whereas the courses above are usually paid and require you to sign up, there also other learning materials that provide necessary assistance and expertise. When you are done with the course of your choice, you might want to have a look the extra reading below:

1. Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide – it is considered to be the most comprehensive resource for learning coding. An exhaustive reading about the lingua franca of the internet.

2. JavaScript is sexy – dedicated for beginners and advanced users. The author teaches you JavaScript properly and even reveals how NOT to learn JavaScript. It’s a blog that covers topics ranging from web application development with the use of JavaScript.

3. JavaScriptForCats – written in a funny way (as the name suggests). They cover basics and does not deal with details because, as they say, “cats are not known for their attention span”.

4. Eloquent JavaScript – a book written by Marijn Haverbeke. A decent reading for those who want to read about programming in JavaScript.

5. JavaScript Crockford – videos and audio about JavaScript. A good introduction to the language, it deals mainly with JavaScript history and some powerful features. Beginners probably will not benefit that much from this video series, but it is worth delving into when you have some grasp of JavaScript.

6. JavaScript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners – it consists of 21 videos dedicated to JavaScript. Bob Taylor has created several beginner series that will help you to learn programming. It covers the fundamentals of coding, and each series is focused on a different concept.

7. Codecombat – learning JavaScript in a form of a game. It is a platform for students which is designed for the classroom. Basically students write code and see in real-time how it affects the game.

8. Smalltalk with James Robertson – series of tutorials about JavaScript. You can subscribe to this series in iTunes. Videos are short and informative.

9. – tutorials that guides you from basics to advanced. When you are done with the lessons, there is an option to take a final exam and get JavaScript certification. It is worth mentioning that although the site derives its name from the World Wide Web (W3) it is not affiliated with W3C.


The internet is full of information about JavaScript, and I hope this article will come in handy for you. By getting acquainted with the above-mentioned lists you will save time, and everyone knows time is money. Simply jumpstart JavaScript by finding a course that applies to you most, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, don’t worry – just change a course.

Please share your thoughts on the topic. Maybe you have come across some other undeniably useful resources that are great for mastering JavaScript. If so, let me know. Comments are welcome.