Handsontable Pro 1.15.0 (CE 0.35.0) released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / December 6, 2017

Handsontable Pro 1.15.0 (CE 0.35.0) released

Handsontable, by default, displays all the messages in English (US). We are happy to announce that from now on you will be able to translate these messages to any given language across all the plugins, namely:

  • Context menu (including custom borders, freezing, merge cells, comments etc.)
  • Dropdown menu (Pro)
  • Filtering (Pro)
  • Hiding columns (Pro)
  • Hiding rows (Pro)
  • Nesting rows (Pro)

We are actively looking for contributors to this project to translate Handsontable to as many languages as possible. Learn how to do that from this tutorial or jump right in to the contributors page.

In this version, we have also fixed a few minor issues related to the Filters plugin.

Breaking change:

We have renamed our locale and language-related configuration options to free up the namespace required for multi-language support. What used to be defined as:

// Deprecated since Pro 1.15.0 / CE 0.35.0
  format: '0,0.00 $',
  language: 'de-DE'

now looks like this:

  numericFormat: {
    pattern: '0,0.00 $',
    culture: 'de-DE'

Take a look at our documentation to compare the current approach to the previous one:

Other changes

  • Removed unwanted dependencies.
  • Fixed problems in test cases for the Filters plugin.
  • Added a weekHeaderGenerator option for the GanttChart plugin.
  • Fixed a problem, where updating the contextMenu entries using updateSettings was not working properly. (#4614).
  • Fixed a bug, where pasted checkbox-typed cells were no longer functional. (#4580).
  • Fixed a problem, where declaring a multi-leveled contextMenu with the name property declared as a function would crash. (#4550).
  • Added multi-language support for the table. Take a look at https://docs.handsontable.com/tutorial-internationalization.html for more information. (#4457).
  • Fixed a problem with scrolling the table using the keyboard, when renderAllRows: true was set. (#4205).

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